About Us



Kinetics is a fitness and play company formed in 2017. Based in Malaysia, we create a platform to express playgrounds and fitness in the same form language as architects and designers, projecting uniformity in design and style.

Today’s playgrounds have evolved with the changing trends of the 21st century. Much like modern architectural landscape where buildings are designed to be clean and modern, the modern playground must not only be fun and expressive but enough to merge aesthetics, form and function as one - making it as fun play spaces for children as well as creating a talking point for any development.

Kinetics Play

Kinetics Play believes that Kinetics PLAY has a crucial role in creating a focal point and fostering social interaction in the community. From developing children's physical, social, cognitive, communicative, and sensory needs – Kinetics PLAY also provides emotional fulfilment and enjoyment.

Kinetics Play’s outdoor playground solutions blend seamlessly with architectural elements and landscape to bring your playground to life. Every play component has been carefully researched and designed to provide challenging activities and excitement for children of all ages.

Kinetics Fitness

Think outside the gym with Kinetics Fitness. As the specialist in urban fitness hubs, our fitness system offers the four elements of fitness in your outdoor recreation space while promoting social capital in your community.

Kinetics Fitness blends seamlessly with landscaping or community architectural elements.

Kinetics Fitness’ range of exercise equipment explores the interactive relationship between the motion of human bodies and its beneficial effects. The body is sculpted in shape through a dynamic system of repetitive exercises that emphasize on smaller muscles.

Kinetics Fitness System focuses on endurance instead of strength, inspired by elements from Hatha Yoga, where physical endurance is balanced by flexibility and endurance training.


Amazing playground designs begin with extraordinary vision. Kinetics differentiates itself by its ability to customize and combine design, landscape and play into one – making your playground unique and one-of-a-kind.

Our advanced modular play systems are highly configurable and can be customized in myriads of ways with colours, designs, and various levels of challenge, excitement and fun.

Let our diverse team of architects, drafters, interior designers, graphic designers and industrial designers work together with your engineers, advisors, and landscape architects to conceptualize and provide the best customized playground solution for your community.


To design and provide products that are of the highest standards and to constantly challenge and lead communities to achieve the highest level of sustainable design.

We help our stakeholders realize their dream recreation space, and relish the excitement that is generated from those dreams being fulfilled. Ultimately, we are about building stronger communities around the world by advancing play and fitness through innovation, research and partnerships.


We aim to be the global fitness and playground solutions leader by providing unique systems that respects landscape, space and good values while promoting health and development. We aim to contribute to positive development for the individual and society as a whole. We understand that form follows function and very single material no matter how small the detail contributes to the overall aesthetics of the development.