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Ready to bring your community into life with your dream outdoor fitness park or playground? Here are some important considerations to help you get going!

1. What are your goals?
  • Most importantly, what would you want to feature and promote in your park and community?
  • Is it fitness or play-centric, or perhaps a combination of both?
2. What’s your layout?
  • How big is your area devoted to outdoor fitness equipment and playground?
  • Once you have an idea about that, you can choose from our range of pre-structure packages or have it custom-made to meet any size and goal.
  • Want more? Please feel free to talk to us and we’ll have our 3D playscape architects, and design team bring it to life.
3. What’s your equipment?
  • Consider the age group and abilities of the adults and children who will be using your fitness and playground equipment.
  • Fitness systems – equipment options include strength training, flexibility, stability and balance, and weight control.
  • Playground – equipment options include motor development, eye-hand development and vision, cognitive learning, hearing, listening and voice, social/emotional, creative fun and imagination.
  • Also consider items you know you want or do not want on your play structure.
4. Talk to us!
  • To discover your community’s vision and goals, and we’ll help design recreation spaces to fulfil these needs to create opportunities for personal and social growth.


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Tel: +603 5888 9104