Play Boxes

Hammock Trellis
September 4, 2017
Dune Towers
December 6, 2017

Play Boxes


Inspired by the Interlace condominium in Singapore, the Play Boxes are made of laser cut metal sheets stacking on top of one another gives a transparent look with custom-made patterns.

Each play box comprises of different play activities. The slide box is equipped with a slide, lounge net and a climbing tunnel.

The maze box acts as a bridge between the play boxes which consist of climbing tunnels allowing children to explore and navigate their way from one play box to another.

The swing box consist of hammocks, ropes and a swing for children to hangout as well as having a swimming good time.

Container Box Playground
Age Group-
6 - 12 yrs old
Sizes (mm)-
17200L x 6680W x 5182H
Safety Area-
80 m2
Critical Fall Height-
Maximum Users-
30 users