Play Curl

Dune Towers
December 6, 2017
December 6, 2017

Play Curl


The Play Curl consists of three towers connected via two bridges. Using the vein pattern of leaves, the skin of the play curl creates a magical shadow and light to create transparent patterns in the skin of the play curl.

Combining vertical play with nature, discovery and active play experiences, children explore the playground on ground level by using the climbing elements suspended underneath the equipment such as balance ropes, ring steps and climbing cleats.

Each play tower can be accessed from below and has at least two different climbing routes to get to the bridge. Children choose between a “difficult” or an “easy” way up depending on their climbing skills. Inside, children can relax and lounge or find different ways to continue their path.

Vertical Playground
Age Group-
6 -12 yrs old
Sizes (mm)-
16100L x 9318W x 4640H
Safety Area-
80 m2
Critical Fall Height-
Maximum Users-
40 users