Creators of play and fitness spaces that reinvent the boundaries of creativity
Who are we?
We’re a play and fitness equipment designer and supplier. KINETICS generates creativity for both little children and big adults alike, because we’re always on the move to shape spaces that question their pre-conceived boundaries of creativity.

Being better isn’t good enough.
We want to be different.
We Challenge
All children need to be creative is freedom. In a play space, there are no hard limits and set rules. This is where children flourish. Our equipment is designed to challenge their creativity and physicality to help them grow.
We Connect
The world is interlinked, one way or another. When children play, their emotional, social, motor, and cognitive learning is enhanced. Our equipment encourages children to connect the dots to make sense of the oftentimes wacky world around them.
We Create
Habits form over time. Adults are constrained by prior patterns of thought, and prefer routines that are comfortable. Designing equipment meant to stretch the boundaries of creativity forces us to think beyond the norm and habits, empowering us to practise what we preach.
How we think
Inspiration is flighty and fickle, and strikes anytime, anywhere. Here’s how we seek to understand those using the spaces we create, challenge notions, and redefine creativity in the process.
We examine and explore the dimensions of what makes a space creatively challenging.
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We debate and discuss the possibilities and designs of equipment that have yet to materialise.
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We balance and bridge aesthetics, form, and function to find the perfect nexus between all three.
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We trial and test our creations to see if they are stimulating, yet safe.
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Projects & Product
Our exclusive and innovative products are not only visually striking, often transcending the boundaries of the ordinary, but also boast a high level of functionality. With the aim of pushing the limits of those who use them, both mentally and physically, our unique designs are a testament to our commitment to excellence. Additionally, our products are tailored to suit the needs of our customers and can be customized and adapted in a myriad of ways, no matter the chosen style, color, or level of complexity.