Design Consultancy
Kinetics Play Design Studio is a multi-disciplinary team of architects, landscape architects, product designers and industrial designers.
Holistic approach
The studio takes a consistent, holistic approach to playscape design, and we bring our wide experience with play & fitness design to deliver solutions that are both creative and practical.
Ribbon concept
An example of one of our themed play park designs is our proposal for the Penang skate park. The concept for this playground design is a ribbon of activities wrapping around the space. The ribbon flows from the activity and energy of the skate park, wraps through the climbing structures and slides, and disperses into the calm natural exploratory activities in the lushly planted landforms.
Ribbon flow
The park’s key feature, the ‘Ribbon Flow’ anchors the park’s theme while providing a vertical play space to present a challenge to the children, while also serving as a viewing tower to enjoy the scenery of Penang’s seashore.
Difficulty zones
Most Malaysian skate parks feature large and challenging obstacles for pro skaters which will be too difficult for entry-level skaters. In the design of this space, we were careful to incorporate different zones with different difficulty levels to ensure that entry-level skaters can also find a home here.
Shade elements
Centrally located within the space are large, shaded seating elements which bring together people of all ages, thus creating a circle of tranquillity within this dynamic landscape.