Our Purpose
We want children to have freedom to explore the endless possibilities in life, and this begins by innovating the way they play. By playing, children exercise their creativity by dreaming of the infinite possibilities in a finite space.
Self-Directed Spontaneity
For a space to achieve true play value, children need to be left to their own creative devices. They’re more than able to play and explore by themselves – no adults necessary.
Meaningful Relationships
Play spaces are the perfect platforms for children to interact with others their age. Watch them take the stage on the playground – role playing with each other develops both creativity and social skills.
Safe Risk-Taking
Risk taking helps a child learn how to cope with danger, react quicker to unsafe situations, and be braver. By taking calculated risks, they learn how to tread the unknown and not be afraid of failure.
The Rules behind our Ideas
Guided by few simple principles, we blend landscape, design, and play into a seamless space, making it a unique one. In every work, there is an element of fun- and snap!
Innovative Flexibility
A space is a space is a space, until we do something magical with it. We like to keep our options open, exploring the endless possibilities to a space until we’ve come up with something ingenious.
Access to the Outdoors
Being out in the great outdoors is important for both our physical and mental health. The spaces we shape entice the young ones to play in fresh and open air, inspiring them to live healthily.
Respecting Originality
Designs that we come up with are unique to KINETICS, and KINETICS only. We love working with partners who share our vision for original, unique designs, and want to make their dreams a reality.
Maximise Functionality
Creativity doesn’t mean coming up with unrealistic, non-functional designs. We remain true to our purpose of building exciting, functional playgrounds.
Celebrate Community
Shared spaces help people connect with each other, building strong communities that give them a sense of belonging and familiarity. We try to build safe spaces that are inclusive across all generations.