The Electricity of Creativity
Being different is oftentimes seen as being wrong, even though there’s a clear difference between the two. At KINETICS, we want to encourage the little ones to be better by embracing their differences through creative play. Here’s how we seek to understand those using the spaces we create, challenge notions, and redefine creativity in the process.
In Their Shoes
We begin by examining and exploring the dimension of what makes a space creatively challenging. To do so, we ask – what would excite them, make them want to discover, explore, and communicate their new findings to others?
Thinking Together
Our team appreciates diversity and value contribution from all. Putting our heads together is a great way to discuss the possibilities that have yet to be. We often ask each other – what’s another way to look at this space, how would you do it differently, and why?
Always on the Move
Play spaces must develop a child’s physicality as much as their mentality. That’s why we balance aesthetics, form, and function, asking ourselves – what’s the best way for them to interact with the space physically and mentally, so they can develop and grow?
No Haste in Safe
Children lead during playtime, which is why our designs must be safe enough for minimal adult supervision. We trial and test our creations, and ask ourselves – are our spaces safe enough for children to take calculated risks in their play?