Cow Family
Product no:
CV0063WM, CV0064WM, CV0065WM
A sophisticated cow-themed playground designed exclusively for children. Cow Mommy presents an exhilarating challenge with a state-of-the-art climbing wall and dynamic ropes. Cow Boy offers respite in a relaxing lounging hammock. Cow Girl delights with a whimsical wobbly springer, inspiring laughter and delight.
Cow Family.
Cow Family Mommy Cow
Mommy Cow is the biggest cow among all of them. It can fit up to 5 to 6 children. On the left side of Mommy Cow, it has several circular shape panels for climbing purposes, and on the other side, it has 3 climbing ropes for children to climb up the Mommy Cow’s back.
Cow Family Boy Cow
Boy Cow is similar to Mommy Cow, which is provided several climbing circular panels. The difference between the Boy Cow is it comes with a giant hammock for children to have fun swinging on it while sitting and chitchatting with each other, enjoying the moment.
Cow Family Girl Cow
The Girl Cow from the Cow Family offers an entertaining experience for children by incorporating four springs onto its legs. This allows for a wobbling experience when children climb on it, promoting the development of their balance and reflex skills during playtime.
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