Dune Towers
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The Dune Towers are two large twisted towers, cladded with diagonal beams of timber. The facade cladding offers a sneak peek into the interior, playing on light & darkness to create a sense of mystery for the child. The interiors of the towers consist of various climbing routes with plateaus and climbing ropes that allow for different routes and difficulty levels.
Multiple Play Dune Towers
The Twisted Bridge
At three metres in height, the towers are connected with a bridge that shares the same twisted form as the towers. Here, children can experience the height through the dazzling kaleidoscopic effect of the timber planks
Dynamic Rope Access
Challenge yourself passing through by using dynamic rope access to the slide on top.
Dual Facade
One of the towers has a ‘double skin’ that offers shade and creates a transparent effect. A large slide connects the upper level with the ground.
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