Ficus Play Tree
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Banyans are known for being meeting points for merchants and villagers because of their huge and generous shade. A banyan tree seed lands on a host tree, and then grows around the host. When the host eventually dies, the banyan tree that remains has an empty core with column structures surrounding it. Drawing inspiration from these characteristics, we’ve integrated exciting play experiences within the many facets of this tree – kids can enjoy exploring the canopy, lounging among the branches, climbing the dangling roots and sliding out the hollow trunk, among others.
The Giant Ficus Play Tree.
Stainless steel tube slide
The source of this slide is at the highest point of the structure, offering an exciting and enjoyable ride for children as they descend after climbing up.
Crawl passage
By stretching across the canopy of the tree, the crawl passage allows children to discover the treetop and take pleasure in the scenery.
Hanging from the branches of the tree, these versatile hammocks form a communal area where kids can relax or climb for a more dynamic playtime.
Dynamic ropes
The ropes hang slackly between the tree trunk, providing a means for kids to ascend and descend the tree.
Lookout sphere
The mesh sphere offers a secure area where kids can rest and appreciate the scenery after ascending.
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