Fidget Climber
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Vertical Playground
Play Component
Tube slide
A unique sculpture that resembles a fidget spinner, this vertical play sculpture with its fidget-like shapes has delighted the imagination of many kids. Fidget pods are incorporated within the structure for children to discover and retreat into. Large windows offer a good view of the surroundings, making the structure light, airy and fun to explore.
Versatile & everchanging Fidget Climber.
Play Panels
The interactive lookout panels act as play panels, enable children to move and manipulate the balls inside the maze.
Hideout Space
Every corner of the Fidget Climber has a disctinctive hideout area for the children to let their play partners to find them.
Climbing Elements
There are various climbing elements such as climbing ladder, climbing robes and the climbing holds to take inside the sculpture and each have its own way of going up and down.
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