Origami Rock Play
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This origami playground is named as such because it resembles a sheet of art paper folded into a crumpled rock sculpture. With distinct lines that look like paper folds, it is designed for climbing. Colourful climbing handholds dot the walls of the play structure. A series of net and rubber hammocks are hidden within the folds for the kids to find and enjoy. The play sculpture also has a hidden slide for them to discover.
Bringing the Art of Paper-Folding to the Playground Origami Rock Play.
The Netting Valley
Walk carefully on the netting between the Rocks. Kids need to balance themselves while walking on this netting or they can lounge on the netting enjoying the atmosphere.
Climbing Up the Rock
Train your strength by climbing up the rock structure with the assistance of climbing holds and climbing ropes.
Find the hidden GEMs
Explore the Origami Rock Play to find more gems. There is a hidden slide behind the Rocks!
More Play Values
Feeling tired after aggressive climbing? Take a rest on the lounging hammocks before the next challenge.
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