Play Curl
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Play Curl creates a transparent yet secluded adventure area for children. It combines vertical play with nature, discovery and active play experiences. Children enter the curl from ground level by using the climbing elements suspended underneath the equipment.
Play Curl The Elevated Play Structure.
Tree Interconnected Towers
The Play Curl consists of three towers connected with two bridges that cross over walking paths beneath. Each play tower can be accessed from below and has at least two different climbing routes to get to the bridges. Children can choose between a ‘difficult’ or an ‘easy’ way up depending on their own climbing skills. This keeps the tower challenging no matter the child.
Traverse Climbing Route
Challenge yourself passing through by using the traverse climbing route instead of walking on the netting.
Balancing Coconut Rope
Do balancing training with this coconut rope to strengthen your legs and core muscles that help keep you upright. Balancing exercise can improve stability and help prevent falls.
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