Twisted Bamboo Tower
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This play structure is inspired by the bamboo forest with its majestic green posts weaving high into the sky. This tower combines the bamboo posts with a variety of play elements. Various rope and net constructions are suspended between the posts. The combination of shapes laid out over a large open space creates an adventure-filled landscape for the kids to explore.
Twisted Bamboo Tower weaving high up to the sky.
Tube Slide
The tall spiral tube slide is the most iconic play element that will awe the children, driving them to try it out.
Wobbly Bridge
The wobbly bridge acts as the medium for the children to walk through the Twisted Bamboo Tower.
Varieties of Play Elements
Aside the play elements within the Twisted Bamboo Tower, there are also some loose play elements lying around the area for the children to try it out like crawl tunnel, hammock forest, and dynamic rope.
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