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The concept behind the design is influenced by Origami Architecture, a technique that replicates architecture and landmarks in a three-dimensional form using folded and cutout paper on different scales. The structure is designed with the intention of providing enjoyable activities for children. Each wall of the origami-inspired structure is folded in a way that introduces diverse play elements. The unique shapes created by the tilted and folded walls help children and young adults develop spatial awareness. With options such as climbing nets, a hammock forest, and an open slide, children have a variety of play activities to enjoy with their friends.
Wide slide
The wide slide provides a smooth and enjoyable way to descend from the top of the Vouwen.
Netting platform
Jumping, bouncing and climbing on a netting platform is an exhilarating experience, filled with fun and adventure.
Climbing wall
Scaling the heights of a climbing wall is a thrilling and challenging experience, testing strength and agility.
Climbing hammock
Swinging and lounging in a climbing hammock is a unique and exciting way to play, providing a fun-filled combination of relaxation and adventure that can't be found anywhere else.
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