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The Rocks Playground is part of a trio of playgrounds, including The Meadows and Forest Playground, each with their own unique theme and separated by flooring level. With large asymmetrical boulders as the main attraction, children can enjoy an adventurous and thrilling experience as they explore the play elements, such as a wobbly rope bridge and steep rock wall.

Design & Inspiration
The bidadari playgrounds are scattered over 6 locations and 3 floors. We suggest to create an over arching theme that joins all playgrounds together. While every playground will have its own theme and design, it all connects to the total concept. Reflecting the bidadari community gardens and the abundance of nature in the area, we propose a concept that reflects the habitats of a garden. The location of the playground matches with the habitat it is reflecting.
Inspired by the rugged terrain and natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, the rock playground's design utilizes large boulders as primary play elements. Its aim is to challenge and stimulate children's physical abilities while fostering a sense of exploration and adventure. It's a space that encourages kids to connect with nature and develop their imagination through play.
Proposed play elements
The play elements are intentionally crafted to resemble natural rock formations, featuring large, asymmetrical boulders for children to discover and explore. The design mimics the properties found in nature, creating an immersive and stimulating play experience that encourages kids to engage with their surroundings.
Design mood
Experience an exciting adventure within the rock playground by climbing the grips and crossing the wobbly rope bridge. This stimulating play experience challenges children's physical abilities while fostering a sense of exploration and adventure. It's a fun and exhilarating way to develop motor skills and build confidence.
Ensuring safety is our top priority in Alkaff Courtview. We engage third-party safety auditors during the engineering phase to conduct comprehensive safety checks before the factory begins manufacturing, guaranteeing that all necessary precautions are in place.
The process
Pre-HDG sand-blasting to remove epoxies, vinyl, blacktop or welding slag.
Safety inspections were conducted during installation to ensure the product quality were met.
Progress photos was sent by Kinetics to keep the client abreast of the production. Dry Fit was carried out at site to ensure that the parts fit perfectly.
Finished product
The rock playground is equipped with multiple engaging and challenging components for kids. These include climbing grips, armed rope platforms, and mini oval hammocks for relaxation and swaying. Inside the rock, there are additional climbing ropes and bridges. These elements provide limitless opportunities for children to have fun and face new challenges while playing within the structure.
Rock Playground
The rock playground is designed to complement the natural surroundings and offer stunning views. It features rock-like structures, earthy tones, and rugged textures, as well as challenging climbing components such as ropes, platforms, and bridges, providing an immersive play experience.
Climbing grip
One of the iconic play elements in the play area. The climbing grips are designed to mimic the look and feel of a natural rock formation.
Climbing net
Crawling play creates an adventurous world for the kids to explore the play area and offers children to find their own space.
Mini hammocks
The mini hammock suspended between two rocks, and is designed to gently sway and rock as the child plays or relaxes.
Lounge net
Loosely hanging lounge rope in between rocks for the kids to climb through and having their imagination play there.
Rope bridge
High elevation bridges provide thrilling experience for the kids, also enabling them to go through other climbing rock.
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