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Play Curl creates a transparent yet secluded adventure area for children. It combines vertical play with nature, discovery and active play experiences. Children enter the curl from ground level by using the climbing elements suspended underneath the equipment.

Design & Inspiration
Designed to curl around nature, the play structure is a meandering stretch around trees where children can maneuver and play around freely amongst nature.
The play curl is inspired by magical moments in nature such as how sunlight passing through the leaves forms shadows and pockets of light on the forest floor. The skin of the play curl mimics the vein patterns of leaves such that this magical moment of nature can be reenacted when the children play amidst the structure.
Proposed play elements
The play curl consists of three towers which are connected via two bridges. Numerous play elements such as climbing nets, climbing, crawling and balancing components are thoughtfully placed across the curl. There are many different routes for children to take, each with different difficulty levels such that a large variety of children will find the play curl challenging and fun.
Design mood
When children enter the play curl they find themselves in between the trees, where they can move around safely and free due to its transparent nature while experiencing the magical aspects of nature. While they are immersed in their own world within the play curl, the children are still visible from outside for safety purposes.
Safety is our main priority when working on Dulwich College. Safety auditors are brought in during the engineering phase to ensure all safety precautions are checked by a 3rd party safety inspector before the factory starts manufacturing.
The process
Square hollow sections of 50mm~140mm in width are used to create the silhouette of the curl and provide support for it to hover above the walking path. Metal sheets which went through a special perforation method are used to form the semi-transparent patterned skin around the curl.
Safety inspections were conducted during installation to ensure the product quality were met.
Progress photos was sent by Kinetics to keep the client abreast of the production. Dry Fit was carried out at site to ensure that the parts fit perfectly.
Finished product
Each play tower can be accessed from below and has at least two different climbing routes to get to the bridges. Children can choose between a ‘difficult’ or an ‘easy’ way up depending on their own climbing skills. Having the three towers all connected, children can move freely across the towers while experiencing a variety of play and challenges as they make their way through.
Play curl
With its soft curves weaving in between the trees, one can get in touch with the beauty and magic of nature while being in the semi-transparent play curl.
These two bridges with a armed rope net base connect the three towers, enabling the children to travel freely across to different towers.
Climbing wall
Climbing cleats spread across the skin of the play curl for children looking for a more challending route to climb across using them.
Monkey Rope
Suspended below the net platform, children can grab these ropes to swing across the curl, which engages a different set of physical motor skills for the children.
Balancing coconut rope
Hanging at the bottom of the structure, the coconut rope is a fun way for children to test their balancing skills as they inch their way across the thick rope.
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