Bespoke Design
Fig Tree Park Nirimba
Brisbane, Australia

The ficus play tree is inspired by banyans, which are known for being meeting points for merchants and villagers because of their huge and generous shade. Exciting play experiences have been integrated within the many facets of this tree to entice the kids to gather and play – kids can enjoy exploring the canopy, lounging among the branches, climbing the dangling roots, and sliding out the hollow trunk, among others.

Design & Inspiration
The towering banyans spread widely laterally and have aerial roots that descend from its branches into the soil, which make the banyans unique and majestic. The design of the ficus play tree structure captures these interesting features of the banyans and translate them into a modern, playful outlines.
This playground is inspired by the extensiveness of the banyans, the ficus play tree structure is widespread with the silhouette of a banyan’s trunk and aerial roots along with its lush green treetop.
Proposed play elements
Different play elements are thoughtfully placed all around the structure such that the kids can experience various kinds of play as they weave through the roots and trunk of the banyan structure. The kinds of play range from physically active play like crawling, climbing and sliding, to social play as the kids lounge on the hammock or look out at a high point together.
Design mood
Its majestic and interesting silhouette draws people in, just like how banyans are common gathering spots for people. Being amidst the widespread, open structure, there are so many possibilities to the routes one can take and experience.
Safety is our main priority when working on Fig Tree Park. Safety auditors are brought in during the engineering phase to ensure all safety precautions are checked by a 3rd party safety inspector before the factory starts manufacturing.
The process
Square hollow sections of 90mm diameter dimension are used to create the supporting structures of the tree, along with perforated metal sheets to create the lush green treetop.
Safety inspections were conducted during installation to ensure the product quality were met.
Progress photos was sent by Kinetics to keep the client abreast of the production. Dry Fit was carried out at site to ensure that the parts fit perfectly.
Finished product
The open tree structure is fitted with lots of components such as a tube slide, rope net platform, crawl passage, dynamic rope obstacle where kids can build their physical motor skills and be encouraged to take risks. A lookout sphere, giant hammock as well as lounging hammocks are also placed within the structure for kids to have a rest or chat away with their friends.
Ficus Play Tree
The extensive tree is inviting for kids to gather to play and discover their own fun amidst the roots.
Stainless steel tube slide
This slide stems from the top of the trunk, providing a thrilling and fun experience as kids enjoy the slide down after having made their way up.
Crawl passage
The crawl passage spans across the treetop, enabling kids to explore the treetop while enjoying the view.
Suspended from the tree branches, these versatile hammocks create a social space for kids to hang around or climb for those looking for more active play.
Dynamic ropes
Loosely hanging ropes in between the trunk for kids to climb up and down the tree.
Lookout sphere
The mesh sphere sits at the top of the tree, providing a safe space for children to look out and admire the view while resting after the climb up.
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