Bespoke Design
Heights Park
Bishan - Toa Payoh Town Council
Jyha LLP Architect

This playground is found at 144 Toa Payoh Lorong 2 and it's the first rolling bridge playground in Singapore made for kids aged 6 to 12. The bridge has a wavy and sloping design with obstacles along the way. Kids can learn to stay alert and balanced while playing and having adventures at higher levels. Adults are also welcome to try out the rolling bridge with their kids!

Design & Inspiration
An inviting jungle trail lushes within the heart of the city. The playscape mimics the environment at a nature trail, where the residents can enjoy the perks of nature’s lush greenery and a walk on the timber bridge as though it was a hiking trail within their residence.
The playground takes inspiration from the scenic charm of a nature trail. It includes elements such as a wooden bridge that replicates the landscape encountered during a hike. The equipment is intentionally designed to stimulate and involve children, promoting physical activity and imaginative play in an environment that emulates the marvels of nature.
Proposed play elements
The play elements found within nature trails imitate the inherent characteristics of trees, including their structures and textures. By replicating these natural properties, the playground encourages imaginative play that not only sparks creativity but also cultivates a profound bond with the natural world, fostering a deep and meaningful connection with nature.
Design mood
Designed to seamlessly merge with the natural surroundings, the nature trail playground skillfully incorporates natural elements and materials, resulting in an engaging and immersive experience. By utilizing native flora, earthy colors, and organic textures, the playground fosters a deep connection with nature, captivating visitors of all ages.
Ensuring safety is our utmost concern throughout the development of Heights Park. We engage safety auditors during the engineering phase to conduct thorough checks and inspections, verifying all necessary safety measures. This independent third-party evaluation takes place before manufacturing begins at the factory, guaranteeing the highest standards of safety are met.
The process
Post-HDG grinding to remove surface residues.
Safety inspections were conducted during installation to ensure the product quality were met.
Progress photos was sent by Kinetics to keep the client abreast of the production. Dry Fit was carried out at site to ensure that the parts fit perfectly.
Finished product
Designed to replicate the enchanting atmosphere of a nature trail, the playscape offers residents the opportunity to immerse themselves in the lush beauty of their surroundings. With a rolling timber bridge reminiscent of a hiking trail, residents can enjoy the experience of strolling through nature within their own neighborhood.
Rolling Bridge
The bridge caters to adults seeking moments of tranquility amidst nature, allowing them to observe their children at play. Simultaneously, children can delight in exploring the playscape alongside their parents, all while crossing the undulating bridge and taking in the scenic surroundings. It offers an enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages.
Plastic tube slide
The tube slide provides a safe and enjoyable means of descent from the highest point of the play tower.
Elevated bridge
The elevated bridge offers users the opportunity to embark on an exhilarating and dynamic journey, with an adventurous and undulating walkway that adds excitement to their experience.
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