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Immerse yourself in a desert-inspired playground with a variety of cactus-themed play structures. With these cactus-themed structures, children can embark on a desert adventure right in the heart of the playground, where fun, exploration, and imagination await!

Design & Inspiration
The thematic playground seamlessly integrates into its environment with an assortment of cacti in different sizes and colors. This natural blend harmoniously catches the eye even from afar. Moreover, it offers an array of engaging play elements that cater to children's diverse interests and preferences, ensuring a delightful and enjoyable experience for all.
Taking inspiration from the bird habitat found in cacti, this playground incorporates elevated play areas, lounging spots, and lookout points reminiscent of these unique plants. The cacti seamlessly blend into the natural surroundings, creating a harmonious environment. The robust shapes of the cacti foster exploration, imaginative play, and physical activity, while also offering a sense of peace and safety within the cozy spaces for children to enjoy. The overall design aims to provide a serene and secure setting where kids can immerse themselves in play, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the cacti.
Proposed play elements
The play elements found along the nature trails replicate the natural environment of cacti, incorporating their distinctive shapes and textures. This thoughtful design encourages imaginative play, allowing children to forge a deeper connection with nature as they engage with these elements. By mimicking the cactus's characteristics, the play elements create an immersive and interactive experience.
Design mood
The design concept of the cactus playground aims to seamlessly merge with its natural surroundings, creating a tranquil and captivating atmosphere that encourages immersive and imaginative play.
Safety is our main priority when working on Tampines GreenDew. Safety auditors are brought in during the engineering phase to ensure all safety precautions are checked by a 3rd party safety inspector before the factory starts manufacturing.
The process
Post-HDG grinding to remove surface residues.
Safety inspections were conducted during installation to ensure the product quality were met.
Progress photos was sent by Kinetics to keep the client abreast of the production. Dry Fit was carried out at site to ensure that the parts fit perfectly.
Finished product
The playscape recreates the enchanting ambiance of a desert environment, providing local residents with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature's lush surroundings. They can engage in play amidst the cactus structures, capturing the essence of their neighborhood and experiencing the wonder of their natural surroundings firsthand.
Cactus Series
A diverse range of cactus play structures offers a wide selection of unique play elements. With an array of cacti to choose from, children have the freedom to explore and venture in any direction they desire within the playground. The variety of cactus structures ensures that kids can find engaging and exciting play opportunities that suit their preferences and interests.
Plastic tube slide
The tube slide offers a decent way to descend from the top of the cactus play tower.
Crawling bridge
This armed rope bridge provides users to experience an adventurous crawling through another cactus structure.
Hammock climb
Kids can use the triangular hammocks to climb or traverse within the cactus structure.
Climbing wall
A solitude climbing wall for the kids to test their strength and endurance.
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