Quality & Warranty
Creations by KINETICS are made from strong and reliable materials, and are built to last, even with heavy use in outdoor environments. Our designs are surveyed by certified safety inspectors at every stage of the process to ensure the safety of all who play in our spaces.
Safety Standards
Our products are designed in accordance with international safety standards – EN1176 and EN957:2005. They are also compliant with the Singapore Standard 534 for outdoor fitness equipment.
Scope of Warranty
Warranty applies to manufacturing defects in products and components manufactured by us, and does not cover any damage and deterioration resulting from improper installation and usage, vandalism, and wear and tear.
Warranty Period
The warranty period begins when KINETICS delivers the products from our factory. We take no responsibility for any damages cause during transit, and damages incurred during transit should be stated in the delivery order and be borne by the insurance company.
10 Years
  1. Galvanised and powder-coated metal parts
  2. Aluminium parts
  3. HDPE and HPL panels
5 Years
  1. Steel reinforced nets and ropes
  2. Stainless steel accessories
  3. Spiral springs
  4. UV-stabllised equipment
3 Years
  1. Rubber and rubber-coated parts
  2. Polyurethane parts
  3. Concrete-coated products
2 Years
  1. Movable parts
  2. All other parts
Scratch Resistance
Scratch testing is used to determine surface adhesive of paint to a material surface and involves taking a representative or actual sample that has been coated, cross hatching the surface and then applying some masking tape. After the masking tape has been firmly applied it is then removed and the success of the test is determined by the paint within the cross hatches remaining on the material surface.
A film thickness test determines the thickness of the powder on the part once it’s been cured. Film thickness gauge is used to measure the powder coating quality. To achieve fantastic looking powder coated parts, the powder coating is applied at a minimum film thickness of 75 microns.
Replacement components are shipped at client’s expenses, and will be guaranteed for the remainder of the product warranty period, or ninety (90) days from the date of shipment from the factory, whichever is greater. Damaged components may be returned to KINETICS on client’s expenses, if requested.